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DEYA Brewery – Peatland Restoration

Due to the nature of our business, there are some things we are not able to change; a huge amount of emissions come from the growing and transportation of the malt and hops we use to make our beers. Therefore we decided to support UK nature-based projects to mitigate the impact of our residual greenhouse gas emissions.

Peatlands sequester large amounts of carbon as well as play a vital role in creating biodiversity and providing the UK with clean drinking water. We decided this was a great fit for DEYA and so chose to support the delivery of a 65-hectare Welsh peatland restoration project working with Forest Carbon to halt the emission of at least 2,335 tonnes of CO₂e over the next 35 years. We also give customers the option when buying cans or pints of our beer to mitigate the carbon emissions of their purchases- the cost of this is only 1p per beer. The money gained from this carbon mitigation will go directly to the peatland restoration project that we have invested in. On top of all this, we will be monitoring our emissions on a monthly and yearly basis to ensure that we are taking sufficient measures to mitigate our residual emissions, as well as continually looking to find new ways to reduce our emissions in-house.

More info on our peatland project can be found here and some pre- and post-restoration photos are below, take a look! 

Please check out our website for the full breakdown on our approach to sustainability.

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