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Rotary Club Tree-planting

major and group of people in face masks next to a tree

One objective outlined in the Strategic Plan is ‘Promoting projects impacting on the environment’. We believe this project helped us fight climate emergency with trees.

The ‘Tree Project’ was launched in February 2020 with the aim of planting 100 mature trees in the town of Cheltenham, which meant having to raise £30,000, as all trees had maintenance for two years. Much support was received from members, friends and local businesses.

Rotary worked very closely with Cheltenham Borough Council in selecting the locations.

At the end of last Autumn, 95 trees had been planted and this project will complete in November. However, it is likely that Rotary will continue to plant trees in excess of 100 as more and more people are willing to donate funds and help this environmental project.

people planting trees

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