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Glow Innovation’s Million Tree Pledge

looking up at tree canopy from below

Laura Gelder-Robertson at Glow Innovation is on a mission to help 1 million small businesses accelerate to Net Zero by 2025, as a response to the Climate Emergency.

Glow specialises in:-

  • climate coaching
  • ecopreneur consultancy for small businesses and social enterprises
  • educating & engaging local communities

50% of profits go towards planting more trees in the Micro Forest they founded during COP26, to open up the Million Tree pledge to a collective of ambitious micro businesses, who want to invest at scale in nature-based solutions to Climate Change and who want to throw the gauntlet down to bigger businesses on the pace and scale of action needed to keep within a 1.5 degree world.

You can view Glow’s progress on Ecolgi to see who is planting trees and where they are having an impact.

glow innovation written in black font on a white background

Laura explains “We need to rip up the old rule books and radically shift our mindset. The time from now until July 2029 (when we’re predicted to run through our carbon budget, according to the Mercator Institute’s Carbon Clock) is going to take a level of collaboration and acceleration the world has never seen before across communities, cities, sectors and continents. This is a race we either all win or all lose and we only win when the last person crosses the line.”

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