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Poco Culina – Aiming for Zero Food Waste

bowls of food

Poco Culina is an entirely plant-based, creative food delivery and catering business based in Cheltenham. Like all food businesses we face constant challenges around minimising food waste. However, our business model has allowed us to regularly achieve zero food waste levels. How?

All of our business activities, including Home Delivery, are based around a system of pre-ordering, this allows us to accurately assess the quantity of cooked, prepared foods we need, ensuring that there is nothing left over. On the rare occasions there are, our cooked and prepared food waste is recycled via a food waste collection.

As a plant-based food provider we generate a significant quantity of uncooked vegetable off cuts, stalks, outer leaves, skins and cores. These are used in one of two ways. The suitable parts are dropped into a bag in the bottom of the freezer and once there is a suitable quantity, cooked into vegetable stock and stored in portioned freezer bags to be used in future recipes.

Everything else is composted at our allotment to feed our soil. During key parts of the year we feed ourselves at home using our allotment produce and even use some items (especially fresh herbs and chillies) within Poco Culina too.

We use only plastic-free packaging, cutlery, cups and plates for our home-delivery orders and deliver by bicycle where possible in Cheltenham.

Poco Culina food is organic, sustainable and responsibly sourced whenever possible.

Here’s what we do:

• Weekly menus for home and work in Cheltenham
• Delivery or collection
• Business lunch and corporate catering

• Celebration and event catering
• Cookery demonstrations
• Pop-up lunchtime and evening events

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