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Office for the Police & Crime Commissioner

Gloucestershire Police have two properties in the Cheltenham District – Holland House in Lansdown Road and Hesters Way Police Station. 

Hesters Way has been completely refitted with LED lighting and all the lighting is driven by sensors. There is also a dual socket charging unit.

Holland House is an old building but one again LED lighting has been installed and we have 3 double socket EV charging units. The boiler at Holland House has been replaced and the controls upgraded so that they can be viewed and controlled remotely.

 Gloucestershire Constabulary’s approach to Carbon Neutrality by 2035

Our Approach to becoming Carbon Neutral by 2035 encompasses our journey to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute towards the county and country’s action on climate change.

Climate change affects us all, and we are starting to see the effects of our actions already. Flash floods and increased storm water surges on the River Severn could make the rare events such as those experienced in 2000 and 2007 more frequent. Strong winds and flash floods due to heavy downpours will lead to an increasing risk of damage. Long periods of drought can cause subsidence damage to property.

Loss of wildlife habitats will occur and some species may not survive in the changing climate. There will also be effects on human health with higher summer temperatures.

How the Force is tackling climate change

In March 2020, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and Gloucestershire Constabulary made a commitment to become carbon neutral by 2035.  

To reduce our carbon footprint from 4,067 tonnes of CO2 in 2021 to zero by 2035 we will:

  • Ensure all policies, business cases and actions align with the carbon neutral approach 
  • Procure 100% renewable electricity at all sites
  • Develop the business case for solar power at suitable sites
  • Develop the business case to decarbonise our heating
  • Roll out a zero emission fleet
  • Carbon offset
  • Enter Power Purchase agreements

Through our approach to carbon neutrality we will:

  • REDUCE our carbon footprint
  • ENGAGE the whole workforce
  • TRACK progress
  • IMPROVE our performance

A 15-year plan

We are at the start of our journey towards carbon neutrality. We anticipate advances in technology and organisational changes during the life of our Carbon Neutral Approach and so it will be reviewed and updated annually so that we are focused on continual improvement.  

To find out more about the Electric Police Fleet please click here.

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