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Leckhampton with Warden Hill Parish Council

The Parish Council consists of two Parish Wards: Leckhampton and Warden Hill.

We have an active Climate Action Group across the whole Parish, which is focussed on identifying practical projects within our parish that will contribute to the ‘net zero’ target for Cheltenham.

We have three areas of focus: community energysustainable transport, and treeplanting/biodiversity. Of all the changes identified in the Climate Change Committee’s ‘Balanced Net Zero Pathway 2035’, these are the ones that are relevant at a neighbourhood level, and also fit within our project-based approach. We also wish to help influence our parishioners’ behaviour at an individual level (e.g. by such things as eating less meat, improving the insulation of their homes, and flying less often); and also try to develop a community awareness of the need for changes in our behaviour. We will do this by circulating various ideas which people may be able to adopt, and also asking them to let their neighbours know what they are trying to do, and why they are doing it.

  • Community energy: what opportunities are there locally for solar power, heat pumps and wind power?
  • Sustainable transport: What practical steps can we take to enable local people to move away from private cars and switch to active travel and public transport?
  • Tree-planting and biodiversity: what local sites can we identify for tree planting and hedgerow-regeneration?

We want to be community-led â€“ we recognise that local people will generate the best suggestions, and should take the lead in deciding which projects should be prioritised.

So please think of ideas and projects that can help our parish reduce carbon emissions. If you have a comment or a broad suggestion, please post it on this page. If you have a specific project idea, please post it in the Proposals section of this website, and we will get back to you!

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