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Hello, my name is Yuri, owner of Kotokoto.  I am passionate about cooking and eating seasonally.  My mission is to share a joy of cooking and to promote authentic and seasonal Japanese food.  I offer Japanese cookery classes to small groups of friends and family in my own kitchen in Cheltenham, and I also run classes on specific dates, where people can join as individuals.  

My seasonal menu uses vegetables which are- by definition- in season and therefore they are often British grown. I aim to use a variety of vegetables, many of which are grown in my garden, and my customers tend to pick them- emphasising the link between food grown and eaten.  They also get to see how we use the compost heaps and the water butts, which demonstrate our focus on sustainability.  My belief, which runs through all my social media and other literature, is on the importance of preparing meals from scratch for their health and environmental benefits.

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