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Duku – Unlocking Accessibility

Cheltenham based product design company Duku has established itself as one of the Uk’s leading electric vehicle charging consultancies, working on a large number of EV charging projects across the country.

Duku undertook a feasibility project with partners Urban Foresight to develop the worlds first accessible EV charger in line with upcoming BSI standards for accessible electric vehicle (EV) chargers. Duku –

Research-led design development ensured that accessibility was taken into account at every step of the design process, resulting in a solution that is developed from the ground up with elderly and disabled drivers whilst improving accessibility for all.

Features include a patented, motorised cable management system that automatically coils and uncoils the charging cable using plug-mounted controls and an impact resistant base that protects the unit from damage without the need for obstructive collision barriers.

In addition, the charger is designed to be highly visible with colour coded key features, ambient and status lighting, and an intuitive and movable tap to pay interface that eliminates touchscreens and apps. The 7-22kW fast chargers are ideal for a range of installation scenarios due to modular mounting methods whilst an innovative plug and play system ensures that they can be installed in less than 10 minutes.

Public trials with key user groups have validated research led design decisions, with all key functional details confirmed to offer tangible improvements to all users. Final stage design development for mass production is continuing to ensure that charge point operators can offer a charging solution that allows all users to have access to barrier free EV charging.

Reevo Home Charger

Electric vehicle being charged

This project has also lead to the development of the Reevo domestic EV charger.

The home charger is designed to make EV charging easier for everyone. The research lead design solves the current lack of accessible chargers by providing quick, easy motorised cable extension which eliminates the chore of carrying cumbersome cables. Simply initiate the charger using a touch-activated side panel, before unwinding and retracting a built in cable using two plug mounted buttons. Made in Britain. You can also connect to automation systems like Alexa and Google home for remote charging.

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