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Duku – Pop-Up EV Charger Innovation

Car charging

The UE One MK2 is a development of the UE One single socket pop up charger developed by Duku in and trialled in Oxford. The MK2 builds on the success of the Oxford trial by integrating additional functionality including app operated OCPP functionality, Dual 7KW charging sockets, a plug and play installation system and a range of failsafe sensors to ensure reliable and safe vehicle charging. The charger retracts flush with the pavement, extending to a height of 900mm when initiated via app operation.

Extensive design development was undertaken on all aspects of the product, including extensive environmental and cycle testing, electronic development on bespoke logic boards to control key functionality and OCPP integration with external partners. 

In addition, consultation with civils teams was undertaken to ensure a deep understanding of the complexities of installation and maintenance. This facilitated the development of a simple and quick installation and maintenance method via a unique groundworks and plug & play system.

Funding provided by Innovate UK allowed for rapid design iteration and progression to real-world trials at multiple sites provided by Dundee City Council, with 30 chargers in circulation and available for public use. Duku provided technical, logistical and maintenance support throughout the public trials, continuing to iterate the design throughout the project based on real world user feedback.

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