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Commercial Group

Commercial Group is a leader in the procurement and distribution of office products, interiors, pre-printed material, facilities PPE & workwear and computer consumables and the design, development, installation and maintenance of office technology and software solutions. We are a purpose driven business that considers the potential impact on the environment and society of our operations and products, and seeks opportunities to deliver positive outcomes. Everything we do is underpinned by our ‘Commercial by Nature’ ethos: the belief that profitability and purpose can be symbiotic.

Positive Sustainability Stories

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to think differently, adapt and evolve. While it has been a time of change, some of the actions we have taken have benefitted our organisation in positive ways. Our Commercial by Nature spirit meant that we took on the unprecedented challenge and looked for ways to create positive change, with sustainability at the heart of everything that we do. We researched ways for used PPE to be repurposed as home nautical buoys and sold recycling boxes to encourage the recycling of PPE. The pandemic also restricted company travel, resulting in a carbon footprint reduction of 66% between 2019-2020. We recognize that our carbon footprint will likely increase next year, due to resumed company activity. However, the pandemic has highlighted that the distance and frequency of company activities can be reduced without negatively affecting the business. The pandemic has shown that purposeful business can be done through alternative channels, whilst cutting emissions and reducing noise and air pollution. To complement a move towards hybrid working, Commercial has banned all full diesel and petrol company cars and installed 8 new EV charging points at Cheltenham HQ.

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