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Cheltenham Education Partnership

Launched in October 2019, Cheltenham Education Partnership (CEP) is an equal partnership combining 11 of Cheltenham’s state and independent secondary schools with the University of Gloucestershire (UoG) and Gloucestershire College, supported by a number of the town’s important organisations.

CEP was founded with the mission to expand the horizons of all Cheltenham’s young people (aged 11-18 years) and help them realise their full potential regardless of their social, economic or educational background. The core values of the partnership are collaboration and co-operation.

Together the partners are focused on ensuring the best interests of young people are at the heart of education initiatives in Cheltenham. The partnership aims to provide outstanding educational opportunities for young people in Cheltenham, provide stimulating professional development for teachers and update areas of knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes. These opportunities are delivered through the annual CEP Programme of Activities.

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