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With The Earth In Mind – Climate Conversations

Diagram showing earth in the centre

With the Earth in Mind is a systemic framework developed by Linda Aspey (of Aspey Associates) that invites people to explore what they think, feel and desire to do about climate change and the intertwined issues of social injustice and environmental destruction. It raises self-awareness and makes possible conversations that people might not otherwise have. It invites them to explore critical issues and brings potential for meaningful change, systemically or personally. It raises awareness of regenerative steps, giving cause for hope, and inspiring them to become more intentional,  purposeful and proactive.  It can be used by anyone involved in coaching, mentoring, facilitation, team building, community building, and more. Available to use freely under Creative Commons Licence, you can download the model HERE along with guidance notes.

It’s still in the experimental stages, with people reporting they are using it for:

-personal reflection
-sustainability leadership conversations
-coaching practice development
-coaching supervision
-individual, executive, team or group coaching
-team workshops and facilitated events
-climate action community building
-starting all kinds of conversations about climate change in their workplaces

If you would you like to join our “With the Earth in Mind” Learning Circles community to practice, learn and experiment with others and:

– Be paired with a co-coaching partner to practise using and exploring the tool together in your own time, once per month.
– Have the opportunity to attend a monthly peer supervision group to discuss and learn from each other.

Then visit their Linked In Group for more information!

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