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Sustainable Events Toolkit

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CheltemnhamZero are working with Cheltenham Festivals and Cheltenham Borough Council’s Licensing team to devise a sustainable events toolkit that can be used to encourage more sustainable events practices.

A sector-leading partnership launched the Donut Assessment Tool for Events (DATE) to pilot implementation of the national Green Events Code with local authorities. Providing local authorities with to a free-to-use, simple tool kit to help them assess an event’s community, accessibility and environmental sustainability impacts.

Cheltenham based academic and industry consultant Andrew Lansley has bought together three key building blocks Sustainability – Green Events Code Accessibility – Live Events Access Charter Impact – Impact Assessment Tool and then redeveloped them from the ground up to create the DATE toolkit. All this was made possible by key partners Cheltenham Festivals, Vision2025, Attitude is Everything, Cheltenham Borough Council and Cheltenham Zero.

“This collaborative work will offer support to local authorities measuring the impacts of events. The tool provides an accessible, free-to-use, off-the-shelf solution for local authorities and other originations to gain attain a better understanding of their events’ commitment and practices in key areas of accessibility and sustainability impact.” Read More

Listen to Andy speak about the project on the Loosing Our Cool podcast

A pilot group of local authorities across the UK will trial the code in 2023, to develop an understanding of how it can be implemented to best effect in practice for outdoor events across areas such as policy, and assessment for site permissions and tenders.

Andrew Lansley comments:

“It’s been great to help of these organisations collaborate over the past year, with the sole aim of producing something for the benefit of the industry, without a commercial agenda.  The potential positive impact of DATE across the events sector is very exciting indeed. This free-to-use toolkit will make a genuine difference across our whole industry and feels like a dream come true.”

Vision:2025 is currently gathering expressions of interest from local authorities to take part in the Green Events Code testing phase. To express interest, contact

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