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ORIGINAL are Cheltenham based specialists in Digital Regeneration and Sustainability offering outcome-based IT solutions to organisations in the UK; with main areas of expertise being cloud computing, enterprise networking, cyber security, datacentre, wireless and mobility networks, collaboration service, IoT and related support services.

We are proud to be a member of CheltenhamZero Partnership and signatories of the CheltenhamZero Agreement, as it underpins our purpose and mission which is to engage communities consistent with the distinctive story of their Place, and to inspire and co-create healthy stakeholder ecosystems engaged toward a shared common purpose: the regeneration of our local economies through Digital Transformation. 

As the 1st UK systems integrator, and the only UK Cisco Partner, Certified as B Corporation(Business as a force for good), we recognise the need to ensure that technological advances are made in a way that support regenerative development. By being awarded Cisco’s Environmental Sustainability Specialisation, we are committed to moving from a linear economy, where products are used and then thrown away, to a circular economy that makes better use of our limited natural resources. By offering new solutions and new ways to use and reuse our technology, together, Cisco and ORIGINAL can help businesses of all shapes and sizes to achieve their sustainability goals, meet government mandates, and transform the way they operate.

At ORIGINAL we move one step further and address each of our project’s social, environmental and financial impact so that the world we live in and that we are borrowing from future generations can regenerate and be sustained. All our solutions are delivered through green project management framework, in partnership with UN SDG signatory – GPM Global, to provide the necessary methodologies and tools to support business activities, particularly in strategic and process change. To promote this shift amongst our customers and partners, we have certified as the 1st UK GPM (Green Project Management) Accredited Training Partner.

By building a world where we enjoy work and live in balance, ORIGINAL have been recognised and awarded Gold Standard 4 Day Week Employer under the 4 Day Week Campaign scheme. We have been operating a 4-day week since June 2021, and now campaign for a 32-hour working week with no loss of pay which ultimately benefits our employees, us as the employer, the economy, our society and our environment.

Please get in touch to learn more, via our website; email:, call 01242 907888, or follow @O R I G I N A L on LinkedIn or @ORIGINAL_ESG on Twitter.  

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