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Green energy showcase – Brizen Young People’s Centre


How can community buildings adapt to Net Zero? To get to ‘net zero’ carbon emissions – in Cheltenham and in the UK – we need to change the way we heat, power, light and insulate our homes. This isn’t a simple task – it will undoubtedly need much more government support and investment. 

Many people are keen to start making these changes in their own homes. But making the right green energy choices can be a bit of a minefield. People are far more likely to take the decision to make their home as green and sustainable as possible, if they can see all the options working in one place, and get independent advice on the pros and cons of different technologies.

Leckhampton with Warden Hill Parish Council, as a signatory to the CheltenhamZero Agreement, also wants to minimise carbon emissions from buildings it has responsibility for – such as the Brizen Young People’s Centre.

The proposal in a nutshell

  • To convert existing systems (heating, lighting etc) within the Brizen Young People’s Centre to make the building zero-carbon.
  • The changes could involve additional insulation to Passivhaus standards, changes to ventilation/air flow, alternative heating systems (ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps). or the latest steam boiler technology, low energy lighting, new electric infra-red heaters, and solar powered photovoltaic panels.
  • Once this has happened, to hold regular open-days for local residents to showcase the new technologies used and for them to find out how they could apply these technologies to their own home.

What are the benefits?

  • Local residents feel confident and empowered in making carbon-saving changes to their own homes
  • much lower energy bills for the Centre, and a saving in carbon emissions
  • a higher profile for the Centre – as a result of publicity and increased footfall to the Centre on open days

Timeline for 2023

Phase 5 – Plan project & select suppliers Oct 2022 – Jan 2023

Phase 6 – Installation Jan 2023 – Sept 2023

Phase 7 – Open Day September 2023 TBC

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