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Energising the Future: Charlton Rovers Football Club’s Sustainable Power Project

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We are thrilled to share the exciting progress at Charlton Rovers Football Club following the successful completion of the Shipton Club House in May 23. The grand opening, honoured by the presence of Sir Geoff Hurst, marked the beginning of a new era for the club. Now, our focus shifts to Phase 2, where we are embarking on fundraising efforts to enhance the sustainability of our beloved club.

Towards a Greener Tomorrow:

Securing a significant boost, in the form of a £45,000 grant dedicated to implementing new solar panels that will replace our ageing diesel generator. The diesel generator, which has served us faithfully for years, will soon be replaced by a modern solar/battery solution, which aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility. The £45,000 grant covers a substantial portion of the project, but we need community support to raise the additional £25,000 required to complete this crucial phase.

Benefits of the Sustainable Power Project:

Financial Security: Shielding the club from the impact of recent energy price hikes, the project ensures a stable financial future.

Environmental Stewardship: By transitioning to a solar/battery solution, Charlton Rovers aims to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to a greener, healthier environment.

Easier Operations: The new system guarantees a smoother and more efficient powering-up process for all users of the site.

Partnership with Aspey Energy:

After careful consideration, Charlton Rovers Football Club has chosen Aspey Energy as the trusted partner to undertake this monumental project. Aspey Energy shares our vision for sustainability, making them the ideal collaborator for this venture.

Get Involved:

For more information or to become a vital part of this transformative project, contact our dedicated Chairman, Tom Price, for more 07793222408.

Community support will not only power our club but also contribute to the continued growth and success of Charlton Rovers Football Club.

Together, let’s illuminate the future and make Charlton Rovers a shining example of sustainable sportsmanship!

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