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Gloucestershire Constabulary – Electric Police Fleet

Electric police vehicles outside a police station

Gloucestershire Constabulary has a large percentage of fully-electric vehicles in its fleet, the electric vehicles make up 21% of Gloucestershire’s entire fleet, and contains both cars and vans from the manufacturer Nissan. Within Cheltenham’s local policing area there are currently 6 electric vehicles.

The majority of Gloucestershire Police’s vehicles are used by local investigation teams and help to save almost 190 tonnes of Co2 per year. 11 of the vehicles are fully marked up as traditional police cars with ‘zero emission’ labelling, and help to save money for the force too, with estimated savings of over £138,000 per year as a result of decreased fuel costs and savings to servicing, in comparison to diesel vehicles. Gloucestershire Police aim to extend its electric fleet to 40%.

100% electric police car

Gloucestershire Constabulary won a prestigious national award for its commitment to running electric vehicles within its fleet.

Gloucestershire Constabulary is the only force in the country to hold the environmental certification ISO 14001 – the international standard for environment management systems, which was awarded to the force in 2007, and has been recertified four times, with the most recent in February 2019.

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