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Cheltenham Borough Council

In 2019, Cheltenham Borough Council declared a climate emergency in the borough of Cheltenham. 

Cheltenham Borough Council has declared a climate emergency, along with many other councils around the country. The council has a target of becoming net zero carbon itself by 2030, alongside a target for borough-wide net zero carbon by the same date. The council is producing a nine-year plan to cover all aspects of its work to help realise the targets that have been set. However, in declaring a climate emergency, the council recognised that it cannot achieve this change alone and help from the government and others will be needed. Therefore, the council called for more powers and funding to be devolved to local levels, while it pursues a collaborative cross-community approach to achieving net zero carbon.

The Council pursued the partnership approach to reducing carbon emissions with Vision21 as a way to empower the rich seam of community groups and knowledgeable individuals who would like to get involved in the efforts to reach the 2030 target.

Please click here to find out more about the Council’s latest Climate updates

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