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Net Zero Compass Tool

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Net Zero Compass Tool

We’ve identified 9 key building blocks to help you build a Net Zero pathway for your organisation. There’s no right or wrong order, everyone’s journey will be unique. Use this tool to help you prioritise next steps, map your progress & identify areas of opportunity. Revisit each step as your skills & aspirations grow.

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Become aware of what Net Zero is , why it matters & what it means for your organisation

Build your network, collaborate & innovate with local communities & professionals to accelerate change

Make a meaningful commitment to reduce your climate impact & join CheltenhamZero

Develop sustainability skills and engage with your workforce and suppliers

Calculate, monitor & report emissions, help us to measure collective impact

Create a climate action plan, set targets & embed Net Zero into your strategy

Build a solid business case to secure funding. Engage stakeholders, explore grants & partnerships .

Take action to reduce your own emissions and strive to reduce value chain emissions.

Share your story & celebrate key milestones. Become a climate leader, create green jobs, inspire your community, give back & demonstrate best practice.

We're here to help

Please get in touch if you’d like to book an informal chat with us to discuss your Net Zero journey in more detail. We are not consultants but will be happy to help you identify some next steps, goals and signpost you to relevant resources and local solution

Hi I’m Becki please drop me an email if you have any questions.

pie chart

CheltenhamZero are working on a visual tool to help orientate members on their Net Zero pathway and identify in a simple and visual way what they are doing well and where there are areas for growth. The draft tool is being tested by our members and we intend to develop a more in-depth resource to sit behind it and act as a signposting tool to different parts of our website and resources.

The 9 building blocks we’ve identified form the basis of our new offer to CheltenhamZero members:


Pie Chart and annotations

With thanks to Go Climate Positive, Glow Innovation, Clean Growth UK and Aspey Associates for their initial feedback and enthusiasm, we hope to continue to develop this tool with you.

If you’re interested in being part of the development and testing of this tool please get in touch

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